"Breaking News"

One more thing..

Just a very, very quick one as I wanted to tell you all my exciting news!

I have a new job - I'm now the new Showroom assistant & Receptionist at the Lipsy head office in London.
I'm SUPER excited about the role and it's an amazing step in the right direction for me! I've been trying for so long to get myself out there and find some work that is really taking me towards the path that I want to be heading down, and now that day has finally come!

I'm feeling really lucky to have been given the opportunity 
and couldn't be feeling more positive and happier right now! 

I hope you're all feeling good and keeping happy! 
If anything - it's Friday and LFW kicked off today!!

If you're going to any shows, have an awesome time and keep us all posted.

Have a great weekend!



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