"Colour Clash"

I decided to give an old summer favourite a 'cold-weather' makeover.

 The last time I wore this was at a festival in the height of summer in Australia, so, London being not quiteee so warm, I decided to update the look, add some tights, and make it winter wearable. 

I'm a huge fan of brights at the moment and this outfit encapsules it perfectly; clashing colours, bold prints and some funky gold accessories to bring it all together - I know! How very Kat Slater of me!

The top (Motel) is an all time fav, despite having worn it only a handful of times (crazy I know) - but it is a crop - and i'm not one for flashing my midriff! For those of you like me in that department, pairing a crop with some high waisted shorts or a skirt can make it wearable through any season!

I love clashing colours and oranges and blues pair perfectly. 
If in doubt, simply take a look at a colour wheel to see which compliment one another!

Shorts: Glassons, Australia
Shoes: H&M 
Necklace: Primark
Belt: Vintage Market


  1. This such an amazing look! Love the mixture of colour, something I would totally wear:)x



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