"Get the leather look..."

Yesterday I braved the cold and rainy conditions (see drip evidence on images below) to bring you some more outfits. I have to cram a shoot into a weekend or any small gap of time that both my boyfriend and I have of work, him being my unpaid labour - "love you!" 

The necklace is an Australian buy from a store called Diva. They offer some beautiful statement necklaces in all shapes and style (and they deliver world wide!) - Though I'm almost 100% sure they have an almost identical version of this one in Primark stores right now - it's a great geometric statement piece and adds edge to a simple shirt or tee.

This skirt - courtesy of the bank of mum - I, surprisingly, picked up at Asda for only 8 pounds! I don't mean surprisingly in a bad way - it's just every time I think of Asda, I get the image of a bunch of people in green and black uniforms patting their bum!

Ironically - yet unintentionally - I happen to be wearing black and green, however, not so much of the bum patting.

I was more than happy to receive it and I'm sure mother dearest was far happier than if it a real leather skirt coming in at over 100 pounds!

Despite being faux leather, it actually looks very real, and feels great on, it's very flattering and for 8 pounds how could you say no!?

I put it together with this orange and blue paisley scarf I picked up at Beyond Retro in Brick Lane - I'm sure most of you have visited while in London but for those of you that haven't, it's a must do while your in town if your a fan of anything vintage. The store is basically a huge warehouse full of vintage and retro wonders, you can quite literally spend hours in there rummaging through the rails and baskets - I pick this scarf and another up for just 2 pounds each and they add an element of quirkiness to any outfit.

Boots: H&M
Shirt: H&M
Coat: Dotti, Australia


  1. Did you know they sell Diva jewelry at Ms Selfridge? Yes it's true, I'm originally from Australia and almost died when I discovered it there :)

  2. Really!? That's awesome. I'll have to take a look - i'm sure it'll be considerably cheaper too haha :)


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