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Ladies (and gents if you're out there), let me introduce you all to this BEAUTIFUL new addition to my wardrobe! My absolute favourite new piece! My (in my eyes) Peter Pilotto inspired skirt. 

I had promised the boyfriend "I won't buy ANYTHINGGG while you're out with the boys watching the football!" 

But I simply couldn't help myself and was amazed when I happened upon this skirt for JUST £16.99! After trying on the size up initially, I was even more happy with the purchase to be buying a size down from normal! How could I resist!? Not only was it good on my bank balance, but also on my confidence... Double bonus!

So the skirt is by a brand called Monacco I picked it up at TK Maxx in Brixton and being only 1 of 2 there, I was over the moon. The fit is amazing, it's not too tight and really flattering as it smooths over your hips and looks great on.

I put it together with some simple stuff to keep the skirt as the main attraction, I couldn't bear to upstage it with a bright printed shirt too (though it's an option!). The shirt is a basic, cream sheer shirt from H&M which  I love as it's so versatile and can look great dressed up or down - a perfect wardrobe staple.  

The cut out wedges (they're getting on but I can't bear to throw them out) are one of my fav pairs. I picked them up at a store called General Pants in Australia - they were a bargain at 2 pairs for 100 dollars! I also grabbed myself a hot pair of leopard print heels which I sadly have left back there awaiting my return!

The necklace is one of many great Ebay purchases, I paid only £4 for the necklace, and it's surprisingly lightweight despite it's chunky look.


  1. That skirt looks great on you. I really struggle with A line printed skirts....I must be doing it wrong haha! :)

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    Lots of love, M

    1. To be honest, I'm the same, I always find printed skirts to be not so flattering unless you're tiny, but this one is actually really flattering on and it kinda skims over - so it doesn't stick to all the areas you don't want it to! haha x


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