"Peter Pilotto - My new love"

Now I'm ever so slightly ashamed to admit that I only recently discovered Peter Pilotto designs  whilst trawling through a magazine. Being a self-proclaimed fashion enthusiast I should have known that the pair of designers were awarded the best emerging talent award at the British Fashion Awards in 2009 - evidently I'm 3 years behind the times - how embarrassing.

Okay, putting that moment of madness aside - I am in LOVE with the pairs SS13 collections - literally in love. I can't get enough of it! Now the unfortunate down side to this lust is my lack of finances! I am by no means a rich girl and simply cannot afford the luxury that Peter Pilotto represents - Boo hoo.

I love the rich colour and bold vibrant prints that their collection represents, their look is young and fresh and despite the print clashes and stand out colours, they manage to tailor their looks to ensure a gorgeous feminine silhouette.

However, I had a stroke of luck during a recent stroll around Brixton town - not a Pilotto stroke of luck - but luck in the form of a BEAUTIFUL, bold and vibrant kaleidoscope patterned pencil skirt by a brand called Monacco I found while rummaging in TK Maxx (and I can't for the life of me find them anywhere online - but kudos to them either way).
Photos to follow..


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