"Style doesn't care who you are"

After writing for a good few months now in my notebook (not the laptop kind either - crazy I know!) I decided it's about time I threw away my inhibitions and got myself out there, into the big wide world of the blogger.

So here I am, and now, after everything, I have writers block. - Yay!

Fashion makes such an impact, everywhere, everyday. You see the looks on everybody's faces as they watch people pass them, judging how they look and what they wear. It's innate for humans to be curious, to want to know how and why people look the way they do - The millions of fashion bloggers on this planet just goes to prove that point.

Now I love to watch people, my boyfriend may think it's weird, but for me commenting on people's outfits is an everyday past time, I can't help but tell him how much 'I LOVE the geometric pattern on that girls shirt!' or how 'the colours that woman is wearing compliment one another PERFECTLY!' - it sounds lame to him (and he openly admits to thinking so) but I just can't get enough of fashion.

Fashion blogs are a perfect platform for the fashion hungry. They give you real people, with real style. You can spend hours looking at perfect, photoshopped images of girls on the runway in outfits worth thousands (which is awesome, don't get me wrong) but it's the real people out there that take inspiration and make the outfits work using the streets as their runway. It's those people that parade the designs, a walking advertisement for all to see and look on in awe.
They make it fashion. We make it fashion.


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