"The make or break of the outfit"


They can make or break an outfit. If it works, adding some chunky bangles or a statement necklace to a simple LBD can have your rocking it, though over do the Goldie-Looking-Chain and you could be rocking a more Chav-Queen-Essex-Reem look than fashion A-lister.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for layering up the necklaces, but it's all dependant on the look you're going for! A dress with a beautiful embellished neckline for example, needs no touching up. A shirt with a quirky studded Peter Pan collar requires no additional neck accessory, yet try rocking a simple LBD.. LRD.. LWD.. any L_D and you'll feel a little naked without some sort of neck/wrist/finger attire!

Above are some of my favourite accessories of this year (so far).

Top: Belt (H&M)
Mid Left: Detachable collar (Primark)
Mid Right: Gold chain (Charity shop)
Bottom Left: Bangles (Charity shop), Ring (Primark)
Bottom Right: Statement necklace (Ebay)


  1. Hie:)
    Your blog looks great. I like the colour scheme but I think you need a colourful header that would capture readers' attention:) Adding some store links also gives your blog some character.

    Otherwise, its looking great xx



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