"A leopard never changes it's spots"

Despite being a firm favourite, some of these items have yet to feature in my blog!

This jumper was another charity shop pick up. I really, really love the colour! It's such a beautiful blue.

Being fairly cold I douled up the layers for this look and put on my Zara studded blazer, it's a great piece for smartening up your look whilst keeping it edgy and current. A staple in my wardrobe.

Not that it's hugely visible, but I am wearing a gorgeous sheer leopard print sleeveless shirt with lace detail accross the shoulders. It's by a brand called "Alice In The Eve" which can be found at General Pants. 'Alice in the eve' have some really cool, modern pieces. Their lastest collection, showcased on the GP site features a lot of edgy leather and printed pieces.

You can visit their blog here - Alice In The Eve
You can view their current General Pants collection here - Alice In The Eve

Now I have spoken about the shoes before, however, due to the fact that I've worn them so much, the inner branding had worn away and I couldn't remember who they were by. BUT I have remembered. And they're by an AWESOME brand called Nu + Nan (you can shop online here).

Check out their website as they have some really cool, edgy stuff on there that's definately worth taking a look at!

Jacket: Zara
Shirt: Alice In The Eve @ General Pants
Jumpers: Charity shop
Shoes: Nu + Nan @ General Pants
Leggings: H&M


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