"Fifty Shades Of Brown"

I haven't introduced you all to my gorgeous brown Tony Bianco boots. I picked these babies up in Australia at a shoe shop called 'Santini' - though I must admit they're not the cheapest - I paid $120 and that was sale price! 

The're also really fluffy inside - AMAZINGLY WARM! The fur is so so soft - to be fair it's one of the reasons I ended up buying them, haha!

Originally they had three buckles all the way up to the top but I liked the way they looked when I took one away, plus I can always add them back in and make them look a little different.

The shirt is by 'Quirky Circus' (A brand by Mink Pink). They do some really cute, quirky (goes without saying), vintage inspired pieces. I'm not sure if they ship internationally but for my Australian readers, the brand is great for any style, from girly to grungy, they're a definate go to!

The bag - i'm afraid - was a one off handmade piece I picked up while holidaying in Bali. If you've got the time (and money) I'd recommend a trip to Bali for any fashion loving female. You can get ANYTHING fashion related, handmade, for a tiny price - it's amazing. You can design a whole outfit and have it made and tailored to your shape for a fraction of the cost you'd fork out for in England or Australia. It's a must do!

Leggings: Zara
Shirt: Quirky Circus by Mink Pink
Boots: Tony Bianco
Necklace: Ebay
Bag: Handmade in Bali


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