Fourth & Final - Bargain Buys

So I did say I was planning on showing 3 ways to wear the three H&M pieces I picked up in the sale.. However! I happened across the wonderful pairing that is the shirt with this dog tooth skirt and couldn't resist bringing her along for the ride...

The look isn't majorly far off my first one, though is slightly less formal. The colors are very flattering of one another and I loved how the  whole outfit looked together. 

The skirt has featured prominently before, and is a vintage buy from Brick Lane Market - a place of wonder and amazing things - you should absolutely go there (provided it's within reasonable travelling distance that is)...

The belt is actually a little scarf that I usually wear on my head. I initially had put on a plain black waist belt, but after staring at it in the mirror wondering what was missing, I decided to tie the scarf over the top of the belt and add in some print clash to jazz it up a bit!

Hope you all have a great Easter break and enjoy the 4 day weekend (if you're not working - I was a hospitality worker once - weekends and public holidays meant nothing to me then! I honestly think this is my first ever official workers 4 day weekend).

Either way, enjoy your weekend whatever you are doing!


  1. I love your blouse! x

    1. Thanks! It was only four pounds from H&M!! Bargain x

  2. i really like the purple and yellow together

  3. Love the skirt and I just saw the above comment about the blouse only being £4 from H&M complete bargain! xxx

  4. The skirt is adorable, love the vintage vibe it has.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  5. Loving the clash of the colours and clashing of the prints. This outfit rocks.

    You blog is coming along great! Keep up the good work and hope you check in sometime and leave me a comment. Would love to know how you're finding the fashion blogosphere! :) You can see my latest post here ** Belles Bejewelled **

    Mags xxx

  6. Loved your post! Big kiss!!

  7. such a pretty houndstooth print skirt.

  8. Que guapa, me gusta tu estilo
    Te sigo en google.


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