Firstly, apologies for the distinctly average photos - the light was rubbish and I just couldn't get it to look how I wanted. But anyway.. I wanted to share with you all my AMAZING buys.

So the story goes... I had an hour to kill after work on Friday, and, working just off of Oxford Street, I simply couldn't resist a quick browse - and made H&M my shop of choice. 

"Bad ideaaaa" says the angel on my shoulder.

On the other hand... Being reasonably priced, if I'm going to browse and be lured into buying, H&M would be a sensible option... surely?

Drum roll... I walked out with three things for ONLY 15 pounds - though not before I sent a quick text to my boyfriend to beg for forgiveness seeing as we can just about afford to eat.

All was forgiven and I had a beautiful new outfit to blog about - yay!

So here are the famous three...

A gorgeous sheer pink shirt - £4

AMAZING statement necklace - £5

Beautiful metallic heels - £5

I'm not the bravest girl when it comes to my style and having seen a fair bit of metallic on the scene I kinda wanted to get involved in this shiney business. 

The shoes work well for me - I can wear the trend without looking too 'space woman' and they look really cool! The necklace I actually was eyeing up on a girl at work last week and so when I saw it in H&M for half it's original price I couldn't help myself. 

And as for the shirt, I even tried it on in hope that I might not like it - desperate times - but I loved it and I even considered buying it in a gorgeous royal blue (also only £4!).

So the moral of the story is - go to H&M on Oxford street tomorrow, they have an AMAZING sale on!


This week I plan to post my 3 ways to wear my 3 bargain items!

Keep posted.



  1. That necklace is really cute, such a bargain!
    Im following you back on bloglovin now sweetie!
    Looking forward to new posts.
    Love G xx



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