"To Buy Or Not To Buy"

I'm really keen on getting myself a pair of printed trousers, and the more I want to get a pair, the more people I seem to see wearing them around London. 

Now I know that printed trousers can very often be quite cruel and unflattering, drawing attention to the lower half of your body (which isn't always what you want when you're not the proud owner of a tiny bum!). But the more I see, the more I want a pair. 

I've been browsing online and found a collection of printed trousers by various designers that are really, really nice. Though I'd 100% want to try them on before I made a decision!

Here are some of my favs...

The verticle strip down each side on the H&M pair would definately put a tick in the flattering box, plus they come in at just £25 - A steal in comparison to the others!

I'd probably go for a monochrome pair - they're likely to be less unforgiving than a loud bright pair.

The Topshop Acid Leaf pair come in 2nd on the price stakes at £38. I really do love this pair. Largely monochrome but incorporating a splash of colour in the form of flowers and leaves - one of the girls from work had a skirt in the same print and it really is a beautiful print.

The Paul Smith pair come in at an unsurprising £295 - way out of my budget, but I'm a big fan of the geometric print. Maybe they'll hit ebay some time soon?

I included the Peter Pilotto trousers, despite knowing I could never afford them (£550 - shock horror!), simply because (as I've mentioned a millions times before) I LOVE Peter Pilotto designs. They're prints are absolutely gorgeous and I'd do (almost) anything to get my hands on one of their dresses!


  1. Those topshop ones are beautiful. X

    1. Aren't they! Such a gorgeous print and the colours go together perfectly! x


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