"Just keep swimming"

Again, the slack-ness is taking hold.

It's been almost a week since my last post - though it does feel much longer. I'm seriously lacking the enthusiasm for anything this last week or two, I really need a kick of motivation and I'm hoping maybe, that it could come in the form of a pleasant, dare I say it - sunny weekend? Let's hope so, for all our sakes, and sanity...

This luscious royal blue blazer I picked up in Melbs at Cotton On, it's a favourite that I only recently remembered I had - it was a lovely surprise and now I just can't stop wearing it. I paired it with my H&M mustard jumper, another of my many wardrobe loves, and what a wonderful couple they are. 

The skirt is a charity shop buy, it's a great one for when the weather is on and off. It's a great 'midi' length, it comes just past the knee so you can wear it without feeling like you're showing an inappropriate amount of flesh for the current weather conditions. 

As always I slapped on some gold bling (charity shop of course) - Streatham Hill charity shops represent! 

I can't shake the feeling I look ever so slightly like this parrot from the waist up...

It's uncanny!

Polly the parrot... or Dory.



  1. Great look!! I follow you,if you like follow me back,kiss,Paolo :))


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