"Plain White Tee"

It's been over 2 weeks (by a day) and I finally got around to taking some photos to post - from easter, to the boy (aka mr photographer) working weekends - it's just not worked well for me and I've been ultra slack - though I blame the weather/easter/boyf ;)

Jokes. It's probably mostly my fault but I'm back, and glad to be. 

Super happy that the sun is finally shining down on us - albeit through clouds and deceivingly light looking rain (be warned - you DO need that umbrella!). But it is here and apparently blazing a scorcher on Sunday - 20 degrees get your shirts off ;)

Now yesterday, the sun shone (ever so slightly) and I took full advantage of the now 8 o clock sunsets and got myself out into that stairwell for some well-needed photographing. Seeing as the sun was upon us, naturally, I took some wine...

Weirdly, I noticed my wardrobe had a distinct lack of plain white tee. Which - evidently - I changed. I picked this up in the men's section at H&M. I wanted something slouchy and baggy but not too baggy (SO demanding) and an XS mens seemed to do the trick. A win at a measly price of £3.99!

The leopard skirt was an Ebay buy @ 7uniqueitems but is a Primark original. Not too sure if it's still in there as (contrary to popular belief) I actually don't shop all that much anymore - much to my despair haha!

The bag is a little gem I bought back in Australia at a little boutique that I can't, for the life of me, remember the name of - sorry guys! I love the little flash of neon against a fairly simple outfit. And as per - I added a few splashes of my gold bling here and there.

Chin chin.


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  2. As a staple in your wardrobe, the simple white T-shirt can't be beat. The possibilities are endless. You can dress your white T-shirt up or down and go from a playful look to a more polished, professional look.


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