"A Simple Twist Of Neon"

I must admit, I used to be a bit of a colourphobe - in fact, a lot of a colourphobe. I almost always wore blacks and greys. Sometimes I'd be a little braver and try something out of my typical colour palate but at best I was a khaki green.

Now I crave colour. I love mixing colours, I love bright prints - can't get enough of them! Right now I'm a massive fan of brightly coloured African prints and I see them everywhere in Brixton's fabric shops, so many gorgeous colours, I just want to buy them all. Alas, my bank balance won't allow for it and my sewing skills are quite up to scratch - I wouldn't want to splash out on a beautiful fabric only to destroy it with my - practically a toy - sewing machine!

This place is THE place for African print fabrics, I'm in there literally every time I go to Brixton Village (which is most weekends) check it out:

I've been going on and on about African prints and my outfit doesn't have a tribal print in site - but - what it does have, is a splash of bright colour. A seriously cute neon orange top I found in H&M for the super bargain price of  £5.00. 

I had to have the top as soon as I saw it. The actual top I can't find on the H&M site now, but they have an almost identical one for 7.99 - which is a bargain price anyway. They also have it in a black, white and khaki green - old me would make a beeline for those over the brights haha!

The top is just lace and so is actually see-through, which could look cool with a bright bra or crop top underneath, but I opted for a nude top to keep the boobs under wraps - I did wear the outfit to work after all.

After my loud and lary outfit in the last post I thought I'd go for a more toned down look - albeit inclusive of a little colour of course.

My black geometric necklace has featured once before but I haven't worn it in a while and it is a favourite, plus it sat perfectly with this top!

I'm noticing some crows feet sneaking in...



  1. Looking amazing dear!
    Kisses from Morocco

  2. Beautiful top!

  3. Gorgeous!
    Love the top :)

    Have a great day!


  4. Lovely outfit dear!!!
    Thanks for visiting! ;)

    Lady Trends


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