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 First off, I have to start by telling you my exciting news (image gives it away doesn't it..). I'm Company's forum blogger of the week in association with Warehouse. How absolutely awesome. I'm seriously so excited! Plus, to top that (which isn't easy), as it's in association with Warehouse, I get 250 big ones to spend there - even more awesome, and mental! (ME, being given 250 pounds to shop, it's like a dream come true!) 

AND I have the opportunity to write a post for their website - this just keeps getting better

It's amazing, I'm super happy and proud :)


Say hello to my very own creation...

I haven't made anything since I was about 10. 

I say 10, as pretty much every Sunday throughout my entire childhood, I spent at my Grandparents place making amazing - on trend of course - and very stylish clothing for all of my dolls. My nan was a dressmaker so I'd spend hours rummaging through her scrap material to find the perfect piece to make Barbie the hottest new dress!

Anyway, it's been a while - mostly due to lack of sewing machine and Barbies. 

I now have no excuse. Mum brought me a mini sewing machine for Christmas and with a view to save money and get creative, I've decided to get back into it and do some DIY (of the fashion sort of course).

Now I'm back in action and made this top out of a gorgeous scarf I picked up in a charity shop last week. I loved the print but wasn't massively keen on the scarf, tassels and all. 

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out considering how long it's been. Seams could be better and the cut wasn't amazing, but it goes unnoticed unless you look close up.

I decided to go all out with the prints and team my newly made top with a striped skirt. It was a risky clash but I think it worked really well. The look is super loud and out there and I love the retro vibe of this look.

 These shoes are seriously old. I bought them from New Look and I think I wore them once before I left for Australia, leaving them behind. I re-discovered them only about 2 weeks ago and I forget why I didn't want them back then, they're awesome.

This is me, in my outfit, feeling super excited and extremely happy about being Company's forum blogger of the week.

Check me out on their site :)



  1. That is so fantastic for you, congratulations! Loving your top.

    1. Very exciting news for me indeed :D
      Thank you! x

  2. yes it's amazing dear...
    I love ood news, n your color is perfect for that stripes :)



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