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I've been MIA for about 2 weeks now. What with surprise announcements from friends (6 fam & friends all arrived in Londra within 2 weeks of one another and all next month.. Organising flights for a 2 week Eurotrip with said friends and family AND the boyfs 21st birthday to organise surprises for (shh!) - I've been a busy busy bee.

However, I did manage to squeeze in some photos over the birthday weekend despite all the Breweries/Ryan Gosling cupcakes/lunches/footy matches/shopping trips/all-you-can-eat dim sum shenanigans - PLUS I have a few new bits I can't wait to share with you all.

I nabbed this bad boy bomber jacket from the H&M sale - down to £10 from £30, and the moment we all (occasionally) know and (always) love - down to £7 when I get to the counter - Winning!

Flaunting my cute 'S' necklace - it's so nice and simple but adds a quirkiness to any outfit. I had to pair the jacket with my blue pencil , I love how they look together!

I finally made use of my sewing machine I got from christmas! I made a top! I'm pretty chuffed with it (evidently from the smile on my face in the photo) and I LOVE the print - it was a scarf I picked up at 'Traid' - a charity shop in Brixton. My next post will include my awesome new DIY top.


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