"Dress like a VIP"

The time may have passed, but in the excitement of the Lipsy VIP awards, I completely bypassed my outfit for the evening - better late than never hey?!

Now I had every intention of rocking Lipsy like all the other ladies in attendance, and it was only at the very last minute that I changed my mind. Don't get me wrong, the dress was gorgeous but I'm not a massive fan of my legs and this dress was designed for those who are.

In this dress, however, I felt super comfy (and stylish of course). It was a lunch break quick buy and I was lucky enough to come across it almost seconds after leaving work and heading straight into Mango on Oxford street.

I love the versatility of this dress, it can be worn easily on a night out and as a casual day dress. I planned to wear my black bandage stilettos - as always - but when I put them on they seemed far too stand out and (despite how it may seem) I didn't have a bag I felt went well with the black shoes.

I was loaned this cute Lipsy bag for the Lipsy VIP awards (as mentioned in my previous post). Initially I was sceptical, I wasn't sure I'd like the combination of this bronze/gold bag with my dress, but it added to the clashy-ness of the outfit and I was chuffed with how it looked.

I wanted to keep accessories minimal but needed a necklace as the dress it's fairly low cut and I just had to fill the space! I tried a few gold necklaces and felt this one looked best, I liked the chunky look - added edge to a relatively girly outfit.

Of course, the sunnies were a must - it was a celeb event after all.



  1. Great look!!!


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  4. Wow, i like your handbag, it's so cute and nice, great

  5. You are a very beautiful young woman

  6. You are still a very beautiful young woman young woman


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