"Hotel, Motel, Holiday Innnnn"

I was feeling a bit worse for wear for the remainder of the week after the free cocktails at the Lipsy VIP awards and so to chirp myself up on Friday afternoon I took a little trip down to the Motel sample sale. Some of the girls headed on down during their lunch break and came back with some goodies so I couldn't resist.

I had half-promised myself I wouldn't buy anything... I walked in and then, after 2 minutes, walked straight back out..... to the ATM.

I tried to hold back but I found so many awesome things I immediately decided were absolutely necessary in my life. I managed to narrow it down to 2 things, but opted for a third - a decision I based on the fact that it was £7 per item and three for only £15 - logical, obviously.

This skirt was the first thing I picked up, I fell in love with the monochrome geometric print and seconds after finding that I found a top in the same print - naturally, I couldn't decide between the two. 

I'm a massive fan of bold geometric prints and this one in black and white is super versatile, plus monochrome is a forever fashion, it never goes out!

This bag was a sample I borrowed from work for the Lipsy VIP awards, I love this vintage take on the metallic trend, it's a beautiful colour and I just had to include it in a post. It looked so cute with this outfit and really tied in with the gold jewellery.

The necklace was an absolute bargain at just £1. It's a Primark original but I found it on Ebay while trawling through the site (as I do when there's nothing going on and I fancy a little bargain buy).

My black wrap around stilettos are getting some serious action this week - I'm making up for lost time after leaving them at home while I spent 2 years overseas! 
They just seem to go with everything I put on and I can't stop wearing them, thank you New Look.

Can't wait to show you all the rest of my Motel haul. The top is awesome and I picked up a gorgeous asymmetric hem skirt tucked away in the rail - a seriously good find.



  1. Love your cute pencil skirt! Just followed you darling. Follow me back?
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena


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