By my own admission, I have been noticeably absent for going on a month now and I'm genuinely missing my blog...

Firstly, apologies. But more to the point - I've been on holiday!! I spent a week in a beautiful, enormous chateau in France before heading on to Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic - it's been some fortnight!

First week was spent in an incredible house in a village called Velleron - AMAZING. (See evidence below)

Then we flew onto Berlin for some German, high fat content, stein sized fun times.

Now anyone heading to Berlin and planning to be around on a Sunday, DO NOT miss out on Mauerpark. Not only do they have an amazing huge karaoke afternoon set in what looks like a cousin of the coliseum, they also have an enormous, eclectic flea market alongside it from which I'm almost certain you could kit out your entire life from. The atmosphere of the whole area takes you back to festival days, lying in the sun, cider in hand, listening to bands you've never heard of.

In addition to being seriously awesome, the park also houses some of the original Berlin wall, now a canvas for some pretty cool graffiti artists. The area juxtaposes the old with the new, history with modern culture and people from all over the world to make a really great day out.

The graffiti made a perfect backdrop for my super bright Topshop playsuit. I picked it up at charity shop Traid in Brixton. They had a huge sale right before my holiday and I paid 4 pounds for it - it's so easy to wear on a hot day - plus no risk of a bum flash while lying around on the grass - bonus!

The super cute lion's head belt was part of my Warehouse haul. I was given a 200 pounds voucher from Warehouse when I was selected as Company's Forum Blogger of the Week in association with Warehouse; and so right before my holiday, I stocked up on some beautiful pieces from Warehouse to wear on my Eurotrip.

The belt was actually in the sale for a bargain at 3 pounds! I had to have it - it looks so awesome and really adds that something special to a simple outfit.

I am in love with this bag. I actually picked it up at the Mauerpark flea market for a bargain 7 Euros. I could have shopped for hours and spend a thousand Euros, but time and funds did not permit.

 It claims to be a Valentino, which obviously isn't the case but it's a nice vintage bag with a super cute embroidered pattern on the front - plus, I won't see a million other girls walking along Oxford street with it.

 Well, I should hope I don't - I did plenty of rummaging (and haggling) to earn that!



  1. super pretty dress,love the color :)

  2. Very jealous! Hope you had a wonderful time! Think we all need a little break from our blogs sometimes...

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    Mags x


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