"Prague - The Paris of the ’90s"

The last leg of our Eurotrip - or last night as it happened - was spent in the beautiful Prague. It was a shame to be leaving so soon and I cannot wait to spend more time there. It was such a gorgeous city with beautiful architecture and such a rich history - plus we were lucky enough to have some amazingly sunny days to enjoy it in.

This dress was, again - another of my Warehouse favs I picked up before the holiday. The landscape print wraps all the way around and it really is stunning - I had so many compliments on it and down from 55 to 20 is an absolute bargain for such a beautiful dress.

The dress nips in around the waist with a tie belt, creating a more flattering shape and the colour of the dress looks great with a tan... I'm also a big fan of the high low hems as I'm not big on getting my legs out so it's really a fair compromise...

The dress is super lightweight so amazing for the hot weather - plus a big bonus when packing it in the suitcase!

And who would we be if we didn't visit the Absinthe museum in while in Prague... And of course - try the flaming Absinthe too

... Ew.



It was awesome to watch, but not as awesome to taste...


  1. you look lovely in this photos, i hope you had the most amazing time in prague! i'be never been but heard great things.

    I remember the first time I tried absinthe! It was before I was old enough to get into clubs, so we all crashed 18th birthday parties in rugby clubs, got kicked out, and ended up hanging around the streets drinking (classy, i feel like such a chav now..) and my friend had brought a bottle back from prague and made me try it. at least it warmed me up on the cold winter night anyway!

    Sophie| fashionslave.co.uk


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