Melbourne's looking sweet.

So it's taken a while to settle and work out where I'm going/what I'm doing/how I feel about it - but I'm back, I'm on track and it's time to up the ante. 

I came to the realisation that I need to cash in on this whole boyfriend/camera operator business and get him to work - cue evil witch laugh.

It took me a while to get him to shoot and edit it for me - he's a busy bee - but this is the outcome and I must say, I'm pretty happy with how it all came together. My idea was for it to look like a mini short film as opposed to a 'how to'/'look at all the stuff I bought at primark' kind of video so I hope that it looks as good to you guys as I was hoping it would. 

I wanted to break away from the norm of a fashion blog and so my plan is to start making these little guys a bit more regularly, rather than posting my photos every few days.

Here's to hoping the result is a positive one!


Top: Supre $10
Pants: H&M $7
Scarf: Vintage Market $1
Necklace: Valleygirl $2
Sunglasses: Cotton On $5
Bag: Salvos $8
Shoes: Primark- ironically! $10

Outfit cost total: $43


Would love to hear feedback from you all :)

Thank you for viewing my blog!