White Lace.

Summer's almost here and the beach is a'calling...

Okay, so it's not quite beach weather but regardless I decided to take a trip down. The wind was going crazy and I was almost blown into the sea but despite some windswept hair, the photos turned out nicely and we got some gorgeous sunset shots.

As always, I've picked up some bargains so naturally I had to share...

 The shoes I almost didn't get. I stumbled upon them (excuse the pun) in the Wittner store at South Wharf DFO, tried them on and then tried the whole 'I won't get them now, I'll sleep on it and decide tomorrow' - well that lasted a good 4 minutes before my debit card was well into the EFTPOS machine - not a even enough time for a decisive nap.

The shoes were a massive (real leather) bargain at $49.95 in store but now they're even more of a steal at $39.95 on the Wittner outlet website - here

The bag was a less impulsive and more well thought-out purchase. I had a particular event that required a new bag - of course. It was my cousin's deb and I had a whole new outfit ready to go minus a nice new clutch. This one I picked up at Collette - monochrome perfection with a sneaky little hidden shoulder strap if hands were otherwise occupied.

 The original intended outfit for the bag is way more dressy but that's what I loved. It's a simple enough clutch to be worn either way and both that and the shoes make a casual look seem that little bit more fancy.

The jeans are a great fit boyfriend style from Dotti. They have a similar pair online or head down to Essendon DFO where I picked this pair up for $50 - summer denim perfection.

I've loved this top since I picked it up in the New Look sale back in London. The lace front is like having your own personal, built-in ventilation system. 

Failing good weather, throw on a white or nude cami underneath for a little more warmth and/or coverage.

And you can't beat a good pair of aviators for the summer, they're guaranteed to 'cool' up any outfit. 

 I love you Australia. stay beautiful...


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