"Easy like Sunday morning"

... Or Saturday evening if you're from the home country.

No matter what time or day it is for you, you just can't beat comfy casual and that's exactly where I'm headed with this look today.

I love the bold palm print of this top from Target's 'City Dressing' collection - though I can't say I'm quite corporate ready with this casual get-up. I'm a sucker for bright pops of colour and this look is no different (subtly channelling my inner Aussie with the green and 'gold' colour choices).

'Gladiator' seems to be the running theme on my shoe rack this summer, my collection seems to span a range of colours all with one thing in common - straps and buckles. 

These guys were a ten buck bargain from Rubi shoes and considering how often I pull this look out of the wardrobe, they have served me well.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend wherever in the world you are!



  1. comfy, causal and so chic!
    great look


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