Valentine's Day - Take 2?

The stair case is long gone and I realised it was probably time I found myself a more permanent backdrop - I can't keep mourning the loss of a cast iron stairwell.

After much thought, I had a somewhat of an epiphany - what could be more convenient than the wall in the front yard? (Seriously - it took all this time to notice- come on Steph!)

I've been in two minds about this outfit's suitability. On one hand I feel like it could be a cool work look, yet, flip the coin and it could well pass as a sophisticated date night outfit - leaving everything (except the ankles) to the imagination.

Now I'm not much of a flesh-flasher and so it would suit me down to the ground to wear this on a date, but for those who want to see some skin the pants look equally as good with a simple silk cami. 

I picked the pants up in the Topshop sale, they sit nicely in my wardrobe with the family of cropped pants that have set up home - it's becoming an obsession!

The shirt was a pleasant surprise found in Espirit in DFO for two reasons:

1. I had never ventured into the store, and
2. I never wear purple

But I tried (as with the hat in my last post) and I liked it.

The shoes were a cheeky buy from the Wittner outlet in Richmond - if you haven't been before and you love shoes - you are missing out! $30 bargain for these gorgeous, real leather sandals.

Happy Valentine's day! 



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  2. Love this outfit! Those pants are gorgeous, and they match very well with that purple shirt. I also love your sandals! Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely comment at my blog, I already love yours!

    xx Roberta.

    1. Thank you Roberta!

      It's great to get some awesome feedback from other bloggers.



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