Layer it up Melbourne style

The weather and lack of sunlight says it all - the summer has come to a close.

You only need to look out of the nearest window to get a shiver down your spine - the rain is pouring, the old man is snoring and I'm feeling the chill all the way through to my fingertips as I type. 

Winter is closing in fast and I'm piling on the layers as we speak - which, of course, is the best part about the Autumn/Winter season.

Now if you know Melbourne, you understand that Melburnian's know better than anyone how to nail a layered look - You just have to get it right when you're experiencing 4 seasons in one day! 

Who better to perfect the look than a classic Aussie brand? Witchery have it nailed with classic key pieces for your winter wardrobe - Check out some of my favs!



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