Spectacular spectacles

Whether it's geek chic, hipster frames or bright colours, it seems almost everyone is rocking a pair of glasses. 

There are so many great styles available and with so much to choose from it isn't exactly a walk inthe park when you're trying to pick a new pair! I popped into Specsavers recently and they made my decision slightly easier when I found out that they were offering 2 for 1 on glasses over $149! 

I decided I would go out on a whim and choose a quirky pair that I wouldn't usually go for as well as- of course- a pair that I would typically wear.

The first pair were from the brand 'Osiris' they're a darker colour with a slight tortoise shell look which I really like. They are slightly larger than my old frames so they're great for actually being able to see more!

I've been wearing glasses since I was around 12 and it's only now that I finally have decided to be brave and try something a little bit different to my usual frame choice.

I am in love with these frames from Collette Dinnigan they are a cute leopard print with a gorgeous yellow inside the frame - so far from my plain black glasses that I have been wearing for the last three years!

I love the slight 'cat-eye' shape to the frames and think it's a great shape for most faces.

We all have so many outfit options - why not have glasses options too?



  1. Thank you! Eye fashion is about the only sort I indulge in. Everything I own is functional (pretty much just jeans and tshirts) but I love having quirky glasses that show off my personality a bit more than my clothes do.

    1. I'm so glad I have come around to quirky eye wear - there are so many awesome styles!


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