Black Out

In my last post I spoke about how Melburnian's are the kings and queens of layering. What I failed to mention is that the fashionista's of Melbourne aren't so good at adding colour to their wardrobe!

Okay, so it's a huge generalisation I know - I'm sure there are plenty of colour lovers, layer haters and bad latte makers, but let's just stick with the stereotypes for this post ;)

I may well be an adopted Melbourne girl and yes I do love to wear black, but there is nothing better and more feel good than wearing colour - I for one have a wardrobe that looks like it's just been dragged through the Holy festival! 

Saying that, I do have plenty of dark colours present in my wardrobe and decided to show you guys how I would wear this 'Melbourne' trend.

Throwing on a black tee and jeans is the simple way out of deciding on the days outfit. There's wearing black for ease and comfort and then there is wearing black well.

  • Combine your textures - wear lace & leather, denim & silk, wool & suede - mix it up to give your outfit some depth.

  • Accessorize - throw on a hat, grab a cute bag or add some chunky jewellery!

  • Wear awesome (leather) shoes - Get yourself a cool pair of ankle boots. You won't regret it and you can wear them all winter long

Hat: Cotton On
Sweater: H&M
Skirt: George
Bag: Kate Hill
Shoes: Tony Bianco



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