Layer Slayer

If you currently live or have ever lived in Melbourne then it is safe to say that you know a thing or two about layering. Between walking down the street, taking the train and walking into work you may well have experienced sunshine, wind, rain and maybe even snow (okay - so maybe not snow but hail could well have made an appearance).

It's a skill and as we all should know, aside from making a damn good latte, Melburnian's do it best.

Layering up can be daunting, most of us don't particularly want to make ourselves look larger than they we have to - It's really all about how you go about it and below are some of my personal tips:

  • Stick to lightweight basics for your first layer or two, this helps to keep the look less bulky but is also great for when the sun comes out and you want to strip back the layers

  • Keep your colours simple, when layering I'll usually opt for neutrals/blacks/greys and of course the (not so 'Melbourne') pop of colour. 

  • Choose items of  different lengths - pick pieces that sit at a different point on the body as this helps to break up the outfit

  • If you're concerned about losing your waist you can always add a belt around your middle to give you more shape

I chose a simple grey marl long sleeved top and some plain black leggings as my first layer. I love to try to make my clothing year-round wearable and have done just that with a cute spaghetti strap dress, adding a black leather gilet over the top keeps the body warm and sits just on the waist, maintaining some shape to the outfit.



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