Brighten up the day

To an outsider, the city of Melbourne would seem to be in mourning of the sun, what with every second person draped head to toe in black (not to say that I don't love an all black outfit myself!). I am also, however, a lover of all things bright and colourful and with these cold Melbourne winter days I've really felt the need to drag the brights from the back of my wardrobe and bring some colour to life.

Now the sun did shine on this particular day, and it has been showing it's face more frequently of late - hence the cropped pants, although, it isn't quite coat-free weather just yet! Layering up is the winter way to go and throwing on a shirt over a long sleeve skivvy is an easy way to retain that extra warmth.

Shirt: Country Road
Pants: H&M
Bag: Colette Hayman
Shoes: Vans


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