Travel Light

If there's one thing I've learnt from travelling all too often with a bulging backpack, it's this: travel light.

My wardrobe at home is full to bursting point but realistically I probably wear less than a quarter of what is in there on a regular basis. Yet I always find when holiday time comes around that I want to take things that I haven't worn all year - It's like there's a little part of me crying out for those unloved clothes!

It's ridiculous and it's only the last couple of trips that have made me realise it. Once upon a time I would take a huge suitcase or ridiculously oversized backpack (think backpacks designed for 6ft tall men) and fill it with all that I could squeeze inside. I'd spend however long I was away wishing that I hadn't bought so much stuff with me not only because my bag was so heavy but also because I'd spend a stupid amount of time deciding what to wear and then opt for one of my regular, go-to outfits anyway.

It's all about mixing and matching. Go for basics. Pick a colour palate and go with it, maybe throw in a couple of patterns here and there but mostly just keep it simple. This time around on our recent trip to Bali, I packed a couple of pairs of plain shorts, some simple singlets and a few funky patterned items for if I felt like jazzing it up a bit. It makes things so much easier plus you can wash as you go (so long as you're somewhere it's warm enough to hang out to dry!) - you don't need a whole different outfit for each day, it's just inconvenient. 



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