Cotton On and On and On...

Working for the Cotton On Group has it's many benefits, staff discount being one of them. Now I'm pretty spending savvy at the best of time but it's hard not to want to buy new things when you pass a Cotton On adults store almost every day of the week! 

Pretty much the whole of today's outfit was Cotton On - of course - which seems to be becoming a trend in my wardrobe.

Yesterday Nick and I went down to the Dog Lovers Show (super fun by the way) and got to meet the cutest little fur babies ever! We have every intention of getting a dog post house purchase, but after today, I want one right now - hello beautiful blue heeler puppy!

(side note - OMG cannot deal with this cuteness.)

Hat, Shirt, Jumper, Jeans: Cotton On
Boots: Tony Bianco
Bag: Vintage



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